Friday, May 20, 2011

2nd Birthday

Today is Brionnas second birthday it sure is hard to believe she is getting so big. Snice my last post brionna has done many new things and also has started to talk a little more. Not enough that the speach therapist thinks she will be done with therapy by July but enough progress that she can make some form of commuication. On a good note we will get to meet our baby boy in 2 months and 2 days so excited


Friday, March 18, 2011

Brionna Update

So I told you she was going to an audiologist this will happen tuesday at 10am. Then i have also since gotten her an allergy appointment for testing wish is the 31st. I know that may seem sensless being so young but when you kid breaks out from eatting chicken noodle soup i think its time to find out what she is really allergic to. I know no this will mean more label reading and more thoughts to meals but i cant take her being sick or always having a rash on her face. thats all about her...

This weekend is gong to be busy but fun. We are hoping to go to jacobs game tomorrow at 1030 and our washer is also being delivered. I am thinking the grocery shopping will be done early and then we are going to try and organize toys and get Caden's room all done and ready. I know already. Yes already I am very perticual and want things done sooner than later. But what else can i say

So monday is our sono i will post again and i plan to get some pictures up soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So last Monday was our Sono. We found out we will be expecting a boy. We have decided that the name will be Caden Joseph Matthew... I know its long but it is what we want. So after the sono we meet with the doctor and were advised they were not able to see the babies heart chambers and also measure the baby's cervical region. Why you may ask? The doctor advised this could be due to a number of different things, one the baby may still be to little and the secondary could be the babies position. I was kinda nervous about this situation and still am. The doctor was not alarmed. He advised this is a come thing with the baby only being 20 weeks old. So i went on with the day never really thinking twice till i hit Wednesday. I am going to have another stubborn baby he went a whole day with out moving and it was a little scary i called the doctors they made an appointment and bam... He moved. So my follow up sono is scheduled for this coming Monday. Almost not even sure that can come soon enough. I just have to remember that they baby is going to be ok. This is ok i know a few people who have had this happen them self's. I know with out heart chambers there would be no heart beat so that is a great sign. I know that the baby is going to be ok.

On another note. Brionna is growing and coming along way talking. She is now saying "HI" . This is awesome we are excited every day its almost like we get a new word. They are working on scheduling an audiologist appointment at this time to check her hearing her balance and her motors with that whole part of the body. I know this may seem stupid to some people but at this point I am doing it as a precaution to be sure her development is as it should be.

Please keep us in your though i will update when i know more both about the baby and Brionna. Today it is sunny and suppose to be warmer as well as the rest of the week. How exciting? Enjoy your weather everyone and you day what ever it may bring you...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hello Again

So i am back this past month has been crazy for us. Brionna is still doing swim lessons and i know i need to get pictures up. Thanks to my mom for helping me with this because up until Sunday i didn't have a suit to fit. So now I do and I'm hoping all goes well i can swim with her Monday.

Brionna started therapy this month. Her therapist is awesome and is great with her. Brionna can be on the bratty side which is for sure her all the time. She recently started to quack like a duck, and say hi. These are exciting milestones for us but i again come back to the what about the audiologist who's suppose to do her evaluation because it seems like at time when we talk to her she is totally spaced out and not hearing us...OR is she ignoring us.

The last week and yesterday we have been battling that awesome horrible flu bug. Brionna got it first then daddy and then i got it yesterday. We have been a pretty busy family other than that. I am super excited to advise as of Monday we should hopefully get to see what we are having. I am hoping for a boy but as long as I have a health baby that's all that matters. In the last few days I have been having a lot of fetal movement which is very exciting i think it was very intense yesterday sine i could eat maybe the baby was hungry who knows. But I will close for now and post again soon. Hopefully i can get some pictures up this weekend and next Monday of our little jumping bean. I keep everyone posted on our progress..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Snow and More Snow

Really I am over the state of NY and this stupid snow. I asked my husband when i could move to florida his answer is never You have to good of a job. That doesn't seem fair to me at all. But i can admit this snow is very out of hand.

Brionna is going to being therapy this week. I cant wait to see how things go and se her progress finally. We bought brionnas bed room set for her bed i just wish it would come in very soon. At this point i will report her progress and updated as the week goes on.

Everyone stay warm and have a wonderful week. Ill update saturday with pictures and progress

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Its hard to believe my daughter is already 20 months old. But she has her good days and bad days. I recently had her speech evaluated and learned they feel she is a little behind which means she should be starting speech therapy very soon. So as for Brionna she is doing great for her age just need to get her to talk a little more. She is definitely coming along because we hear different things every day we are just wishing that at this time her therapy would start so she doesn't fall even more behind. I will keep you updated on Brionnas Progress at this time

Also As you all know I am currently expecting another baby. So we have decided that at this time instead of buying a dresser for the baby we will give hers to the baby and buy her a bedroom set. So this weekend we set out on an adventure and looked at our options and purchased one from Ashley. Its is white and it is a full bed with a storage underneath that turns into a trundle which is an added plus and a nice dresser with a mirror. I know she is still young for the big bed but we didn't wanna spend allot on a baby dresser when in a few years she would need the new bed anyway. This will be her Birthday Present even though it is early at this time. We are going to set up a tea party at this time for her with fun animals and baby and decorate her room with balloons and make it into a party when it is her birthday. I am trying to find pictures but at this time i am unable to locate them and will post when i do find some or it is delivered and set up.

Not updates on the baby at this point. I am currently 14 weeks along and feeling much better than I have been. I have an appointment the 7Th of February and then will schedule our next appointment to get the sex of the baby. We are really hoping for a boy at this time although at this point Paul and I both know as long as we have a health baby it doesn't matter what the sex of the baby is. Well that's all for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and will post again soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Come and Gone

Where Have I been... Well i have been pretty sick... to pretty happy... to i dunno just about everywhere

So we enjoyed our new years with family and Brionna. It was nice to actually hang out with my cousins and the family. Then New years day we spent not doing much of anything. That Monday I had a vacation day with my husband. I then worked till Thursday and had Friday off.

Then The next Monday I had appointments all day so I was on vacation again. We had early intervention come in and do a speech assessment on Brionna and she is a little behind so she will start speech this week. I also had a baby appointment. He is doing great as was I at this appointment. On Thursday i came down with something which was not fun. I called in Friday and spend my day in bed and then went into the Emergency Room around 4:30 and was there till Midnight. After all was said and done i was feeling better and able to drink and not be sick. I am still a little under the weather with a cold but i am feeling much better.

So to start this week it has been uneventful we will be having an uneventful weekend but i will try and get some pictures posted this weekend we did start swim lessons 2 weeks ago...

Have a great week everyone